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Rat Control

American Rat Control offers different rat control solutions depending on your situation.

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Gophers are small rat-like animals that live their entire life underground; with the exception of occasionally poking their heads out of the tunnel opening.

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Pest Control

American Rat and Pest Control believes that effective pest control can be as easy as ABC.

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Excluding rodents from your home or business is only part of the rodent control process. The second part of the process is cleaning up after the rodents.

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“I have been using American Rat Control since June of 2006. American Rat Control is incredibly professional. They show up on time for appointments, all of the employee’s have great attitudes and the best part is they really do get rid of the rats. Since American Rat Control has been maintaining my properties (15 of them) I no longer have any rodent problems… I highly recommend using American Rat Control!!” – Lisa B.

“I have been on monthly service with American Rat Control since 2003 when I moved to Mandeville Canyon. I was concerned about rodents when I moved to the area as I am very sensitive to them and thanks to American Rat Control they have NEVER been a problem. Beyond that, American Rat Control has done an excellent job taking care of my ants, which are very persistent, and any other pest or insect issue that has come up. Both their office staff and field staff is friendly, professional and always quick to attend to any needs or requests I have. I highly recommend their service.” – Carol T.


Welcome to American Rat Control, Inc. and thank you for considering our Los Angeles rat extermination or gopher extermination services.

When we take on a rodent control project, we approach it in a way that will ensure the quickest possible results. First, we will conduct a thorough and comprehensive inspection of the structure.

We have the latest state-of-art equipment and methods to remove and control the pest infestation. From undertaking commercial and residential projects, we have developed the best techniques. Our pest control specialists work with us to help eliminate the rodent infestation completely without causing any harm to your children or pets.

If all you see in your garden are mounds and holes, maybe it is time to call in American Rat Control, the best rat and gopher removal service in California.

We take pride in our work and understand the health hazard that pest infestation can cause; that is one reason we offer monthly maintenance or one-time programs.

American Rat Control has been in the business of pest control for over a decade and we have a quick dispatch fleet of vans, equipped with radio monitoring and a strong team of technicians and pest control experts that understand the nuances of rat and gopher removal in California.

Some of the other services that we offer include rodent prevention, rat control, dead animal and odor removal services.


We use a mix of techniques to ensure that the rat and gopher problem is eliminated and is a permanent solution. American Rat Control technicians start with trapping and using specialized equipment to remove the pest. This ensures that all of the nesting critters are removed. Additionally, there are other methods that are utilized such as underground trappings, which are usually used in residential areas. However, in industrial and commercial pest control projects, baits are used when infestation is high.

We offer mouse and gopher control & removal services. You can be sure that you are getting the best service at the most affordable price. If you are wondering why we use other methods apart from the standard rat and gopher poisons, you need to know that poison only kills 50% of the pests. In some cases, your pet can ingest a rat or gopher that has taken the bait, which might hurt your pet; this is why we only use quicker methods of extermination.

Before we leave, we make sure that homes are 100% free of rats and gophers. Generally we see results after just one application.

Call us today and let us evaluate and assess the infestation of rats and gophers on your property and customize the elimination program


Call us today for a complete evaluation and assessment of the infestation. One of our pest control specialists will be right over to assess the level of infestation and provide you with a no-obligation free quote for the complete elimination of the rodents and pests. Based on experts’ advice, usually, the reason for the pest infestation is the constant source of food that is easily available in and around homes and commercial establishments.


We are not your typical rat and pest control company. We pride ourselves in getting the job done and making sure that your home or place of business is free from any undesirable pests. We do not provide a so call quick one day fix. We come out to your property, assess the situation and come up with a plan of attack.


We are experts in identifying rat access points in and on structures then sealing up the holes in a professional workman like manner, using construction grade materials and concentrating on aesthetics.

Licensed & Insured

We are licensed by the California Structural Pest Control Board and the California Department of Pesticide Regulations.


guaranteed work

We guarantee our work, if rats get back because rats created a new hole or our work failed we will return and make needed corrections and trap rats again at no additional charge.