Excluding rodents from your home or business is only part of the rodent control process. The second part of the process is cleaning up after the rodents. Once they have been successfully removed from the structure, it is time to remove all feces and damage. They do not have control over their bowels and as a result, they will deposit feces and urine in the course of moving around your attic space. This creates an odor recognizable to other rodents along the exterior of the structure. The odor acts as an olfactory beacon, attracting additional rodents to your house.

In addition to the health benefits of attic cleaning, you can rest assured that your house is now far less likely to be targeted by rodents attracted to the scents of previous rodents.

When the rodent feces is left in your attic space it will eventually dry up and become brittle, the feces will begin to break up into small particles that will fall through recessed lights, vents and cracks in your ceilings. These airborne particles may circulate throughout your home where you and your family will potentially breathe it in. Some feces particles may fall onto your food preparation surfaces where you may ingest rodent feces dust and debris.

Two types of Attic Cleaning:

Free basic Attic Cleaning
  • Vacuum rat feces from right around the attic entrance
  • Vacuum rat feces from around, on top and under accessible mechanical equipment in the attic space
  • Vacuum rat feces approximately 1 foot around accessible ceiling penetrations
  • Sanitize all accessible parts of the attic space
Full Paid Attic Cleaning
  • Completely remove all accessible attic insulation and debris
  • Vacuum all accessible rat droppings
  • Re-Insulate the accessible parts of the attic space with R-30 attic insulation
  • Sanitize the accessible parts of the attic space

American Rat Control can conduct a free inspection of your attic space and provide you with a free no-obligation quote for feces and debris removal. We’re just a phone call away 866-728-2878 or connect via email.

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