Rat Extermination & Removal Services With a Guarantee!

American Rat Control offers different rat proofing and rat control solutions depending on your situation. Because each project is different, we have developed time-tested solutions that will quickly control any situation, whether you are in a single family residence, multi-unit building or a commercial structure.

We can control rodents on the interior or exterior of most structures. We have developed programs that are very effective and efficient in quickly controlling them. Each service can be tailored to control rats, mice, and squirrels. An inspector will come to the property and do a free inspection to evaluate the issue and develop an extermination plan that will meet your needs.

Most structures can be rat proofed to prevent entry, and then a trapping program on the interior can be setup to quickly trap and remove them. Once we setup the traps, our exterminator will return by appointment to service the traps until all rodents have been removed.

An exterior control program can be setup to control populations of rodents living and nesting in the landscape, as well as trees around the structure. We use metal tamper-resistant bait stations that contain solid blocks of rat bait that are secured to the interior of the metal tamper-resistant station. Our technician will come by and open each bait station to ensure a fresh and constant supply of bait.

Ground squirrel problems can devastate and undermine hillsides and landscape. We can design a plan to quickly resolve this destructive situation. All that is required of you is to contact us for a free inspection and estimate.

When we rat proof a structure we guarantee our work for a period of 1 or 3 years depending upon the program you select (see our guarantee page for further details).

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Rat proofing or exclusion is the process where American Rat Control Inc. inspects the structure to identify the species of rat that has invaded, and identify all the exterior entry points it is using to gain access to the structure, and seal them out.

What we do!

Once the inspector has determined the extent of the infestation and how much work is involved in sealing up all the entry points, he will give you a written estimate to make all necessary corrections on the structure and trap the rats.

Our service technicians are experienced professionals, they have many years of experience in trapping, proofing, and exclusion.

Our service technicians are licensed by the California Structural Pest Control Board to perform rat extermination. After we have rat proofed the structure and placed traps in the attic space and or sub-area crawl space, we will return by appointment to service the traps and remove the dead rodents.

We will continue to service the traps until we are sure there are no more rats in the building. We guarantee our work. If they chew a new hole and re-enter the structure or our work failed, we will return to re-inspect, make any corrections and trap any rats that may have entered at no additional charge to you for the duration of your guarantee.


There are occasions where the house is sealed up tight but a rat has gained access to the structure. This may have happened because the rat came through an open door or window, or maybe through the garage door that was left open.

In this case, we can provide a rat trapping service. We have a few options on control or removal. Our exterminators can place traps to quickly remove an invading rodent. Some situations require snap traps and other situations require glue traps, whatever the method, our rat-catching abilities are second to none.


The two common species of rodents in Southern California area are the Norway rat (Rattus norvegicus) and the roof rat (Rattus rattus). The Norway rat is the larger of the two rodents and can be found moving on the ground and the Roof Rat is smaller and more agile and can be seen in trees and running on wires, although both species can be seen in both places.

What Areas Do you Service?

We do rat control in Los Angeles and Ventura County. We service the Southern California Area. We love rat extermination, are professional and experts at rat removal.

American Rat Control Inc. has a great exterior control program that quickly removes rats from your garden and landscape, and keeps them out.

We will come to your property and perform a free inspection and give you an estimate on our service. We will design a plan that will control rats and mice living in the structure.

We will send out an expert who will evaluate your property needs and set up a professional plan to exterminate rodents. Our exterminators will install steel tamper resistant bait stations around the perimeter of your property.

The purpose of the steel tamper resistant bait station is to protect people, pets and non-target animals from coming in contact with the contents. Each bait station is secured solidly to whatever surface they are attached to, and cannot easily be moved.

The bait we use has been approved by the EPA and is the suggested bait to use by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. The active ingredient is Diphacinone 0.005% this active ingredient has been found to have the least chance of causing secondary poisoning.


The rat bait stations need to be refilled each month or they will consume all the bait and the stations will sit empty; that will allow the rats to re-populate your garden or landscape.

Your service technician will come by each month to service the bait stations, he will open each station and fill it with the appropriate amount of bait required to do the job. This method of extermination is very cost effective and will eliminate lots of rodents.


If you have the Pest Control option added to your service, the technician will also treat the exterior for insect pests as needed or he can treat each time he is there to perform your exterior rat control service.


Having rats outside in your garden or landscape is not a good idea. The ones living outside are not indigenous to North America and came from Europe, they are very destructive to the natural wildlife in the Southern California area.

Rats will raid bird nests and kill the eggs or the young birds in trees, they may chew on wires at your pool equipment and leave urine and feces in your BBQ. They may also chew patio furniture and if they get into your pet’s food they may urinate on it and that may get your pet sick. Rats may chew a new hole and get back into the structure.

Norway Rats and Roof Rats have a small home range, they rarely travel more than 150 feet from their nest and that is real close to your home or business.

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