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Lifetime Warranty - Rat Exterminator Los Angeles

As long as you remain the legal  owner of the structure you are covered under the Lifetime Warranty.


American Rat Control offers different rat proofing and rat control solutions depending on your situation. Because each project is different, we have developed time-tested solutions that will quickly control any situation, whether you are in a single family residence, multi-unit building or a commercial structure.

We can control rodents on the interior or exterior of most structures. We have developed programs that are very effective and efficient in quickly controlling them. Each service can be tailored to control rats, mice, and squirrels. An inspector will come to the property and do a free inspection to evaluate the issue and develop an extermination plan that will meet your needs.

Most structures can be rat proofed to prevent entry, and then a trapping program on the interior can be setup to quickly trap and remove them. Once we setup the traps, our exterminator will return by appointment to service the traps until all rodents have been removed.

An exterior control program can be setup to control populations of rodents living and nesting in the landscape, as well as trees around the structure. We use metal tamper-resistant bait stations that contain solid blocks of rat bait that are secured to the interior of the metal tamper-resistant station. Our technician will come by and open each bait station to ensure a fresh and constant supply of bait.

Ground squirrel problems can devastate and undermine hillsides and landscape. We can design a plan to quickly resolve this destructive situation. All that is required of you is to contact us for a free inspection and estimate.

When we rat proof a structure we guarantee our work for a period of 2, 5 and Lifetime options depending upon the program you select (see our guarantee page for further details).