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America Rat Control has many options for rodent trapping in your home or business. Depending on the situation and your needs, we will design a trapping program that will quickly and efficiently trap and remove rodents.

The quickest method of trapping is to use the good old snap trap. We will bait the trap with the proper food bait to attract the specific target rodent. Depending upon the species of rodent, we will use beef jerky, peanuts or dried fruit.

In most cases, we will set the traps in the attic space and or sub-area of the structure. The number of traps we set will be determined by how severe the infestation is within the structure. Our service technicians are trained and have experience in determining the approximate number of rodents within the structure, so your service technician will place the appropriate number of traps.

After the traps have been set, we need to return and service the traps and remove the rodent. Our office will schedule trap check appointments with you until all rodents have been removed, this process typically takes about three (3) appointments and then we are done.

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Pest Control Services

If you are just hiring us to trap rodents and no rat proofing has been done, we will service the traps up to 5 visits in 30 days. In most cases, that is all that will be needed to trap existing rodents in the structure, but if the structure has not been rat proofed new rodents may enter at a later date. This is the reason that it is advisable to proof the structure before starting a trapping program.

We also provide live trapping of rodents and removal, but the rodents have to be destroyed because we cannot release the rodents into the environment. Rodents depend upon humans for survival, when they have been trapped in and around a structure, humans are a source of food, water and shelter. If they are trapped and released they will go to another structure and the cycle continues.

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