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Natural Repellents Made From Plant Oils That Rats & Mice Hate – Does Not Repel People or Pets

Natural Rodent Repellents

American Rat Control Inc.® has developed an all natural process in controlling rodent infestations around the outside of your home or business. Our process uses natural rodent repellent made from plant oils that repel them from your garden and landscape and at the same time does not smell bad to people or pets.

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How the Natural Rodent Repellent Works!

Our all natural rodent repellent is made from essential oils that irritate the sense of smell and taste of rats & mice. We treat the trees, bushes, fence and all around the exterior of your home or business.Rats & Mice have a smell memory, when they come on to your property they will detect the obnoxious smell and retreat from the area. They will remember the location of the smell and not want to be anywhere near it again.


To humans we smell peppermint for a few hours after the area has been treated. The peppermint odor will not repel people or your pets and will last about 30 days before we need to re-treat for maximum results.The natural rodent repellent will not kill the rats or mice it will cause them to not want to be anywhere near your garden or landscape. Call us today for a free onsite evaluation and estimate. (Will not harm your plants).

No Kill Rodent Control Repel Rodents from the Landscape, Bushes and Trees

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