American Rat Control Inc. is a Los Angeles California exterminator company for rodent and pest control. We have two divisions within the company: Rodent Control Division and the Pest Control Division.

All of our service technicians are licensed by the California Structural Pest Control board and are fully trained exterminators. Our exterminators are cross-trained in both divisions, so you can feel confident that your service technician is a well-trained rat exterminator as well as an experienced pest control exterminator.

Some of the jobs our exterminators do on a daily basis are rat proof homes and business and treat for insect pests. Your service technician can come to your home or business and rat proof the structure, trap the rats and then treat for insect pests such as ants, spiders and much more.

American Rat Control is truly a professional exterminator company. We have been servicing Southern California for the past 20 years and going strong. We can help with rat control in Tarzana and the surrounding Los Angeles cities. Call us at 866-728-2878 or connect with us via email for a free estimate and you will get a professional exterminator out to give you a free estimate.

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