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American Rat Control color logo

–  Rat Control License # PR6427
–  Fully Insured & Bonded
–  Over 40 Years Experience

Lifetime Warranty - Rat Exterminator Los Angeles

Lifetime Warranty  –  As long as you remain the legal  owner of the structure you are covered under the Lifetime Warranty.

Woodland Hills
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Rat control is very important inside and outside of your Woodland Hills home due to the severe health risks and property damage associated with rat infestations.

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Rodent Control in in homes and commercial buildings

Woodland Hills Rat Control

Our experienced and knowledgeable Woodland Hills rat control exterminators provide reliable and specialized rat control plans, using advanced technology and eco-friendly options.  We guarantee satisfaction and professional prevention strategies for long-term rat & mouse control solutions.

Rat Control Information from the CDC



If you want to get away from the city life of Los Angeles, Woodland Hills isn’t too far. You’ll get the perfect mix of urban and suburban life. However, this area can still bring in some unwelcome critters. Here are some reasons why you need a pest exterminator in Woodland Hills.


American Rat Control has a solid team to help you get rid of those pesky rodents trying to invade your home. The technicians have experience with rat-proofing from their rigorous training program to get them up to speed with the latest equipment.

Experts care about your safety and do a quality job to present more long-term results for each gig. Whether your problem deals with gophers, rats, mice, or other vermin, they make sure to look at every angle to help rectify the issue.

Professionals not only eradicate the problem, but they do a good clean-up job. They know that getting rid of the droppings and sanitizing the area will help keep other rats from following the scents. Also, it’ll help your home feel much safer because your kids and pets won’t absorb the harmful fumes by being around the rat waste.

Additionally, experts will get rid of the urine and the droppings to help deter other rodents from trying to invade your home. These scents are strong enough to alarm local critters to come to your home and get a hold of your food and water sources. However, a technician can stop this with the right equipment and sanitation.

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There’s nothing more irritating than seeing or hearing a rat going through your closet or pantry. The late-night activity can cut into your sleep and peace of mind. However, a professional can get to the root of the problem to help you have better results.

Also, they use equipment approved by the Environmental Protection Agency to cater to your safety and health. A quality technician understands that your home is a sanctuary. They will help you pinpoint problem areas and give you advice on upkeep.

Experts make you feel comfortable using clean methods to produce a better outcome. Additionally, they do a follow-up job to help ensure everything goes accordingly.

Consider hiring someone you trust to do a great job the first time around to prevent future problems with our rat control services.


You might not want to kill the rats but find ways to keep them off your property. American Rat Control has a natural method to deter rodents from getting to your backyard. They can spray essential oils to repel rodents from your plants and vegetables.

Also, it’s a safer method because dogs and children won’t be affected by the scent. You’ll feel better about having a technician come to the home to help keep vermin away.

Get in touch with American Rat Control for any rodent issues in Tarzana or Woodland Hills.

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