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There’s nothing more irritating than having some critters get to destroy your home. Not only does it get expensive, but it makes you feel on edge. You want to hire the right services to get rid of the nuisance. Here are some things to note about American Rat Control in Brentwood.


Maybe your problem hasn’t fully developed into an in-house issue. It might be rats populating in your front lawn or backyard. However, this is still annoying because they’ll rip through your outdoor belongings.

Regular chemical sprays and traps can do more damage to your landscape. However, American Rat Control technicians have essential oils they spray that help deter rats from coming to your property, and they’re safe to use. If you have a little kid or pet who loves to play in the backyard, they won’t get offended by the smell.

Rats will keep away because the peppermint oil destroys their scent of smell. They won’t be able to trace where they last were in your garden. They’ll avoid your place at all costs because that minty smell is a deterrent for them.

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While an alternative control method is perfect if your problem is outdoors, it may not be enough for an in-home infestation. Talk to the rat exterminators to get an inspection. Maybe you have holes in little checked areas of your house.

They can run a diagnosis to see any droppings, rips, bite marks, or anything else that indicates that you have a rat problem. Professionals check for entryways and where rats may leave trails to find their way back to your home. A professional will inspect the house and leave some traps down to help create a starting point.

These experts have months of training in rat-proofing homes. They all go through a state-required examination that they have to pass before servicing different areas for pest control. You’ll feel more comfortable having these trained professionals treat your home and get you back into some normalcy in your humble abode.

Take the stress off your back and let American Rat Control handle the problem to keep you safe from these pests in Brentwood.


American Rat Control knows what you’re dealing with to get rid of pests. Whether you have insects getting to your baseboards or rats finding a way through your pipes, they assess the situation and find a solution to the issue.

They want to bring your home back to a place of relaxation instead of worrying about getting bitten by germ-ridden pests. They have the best equipment and sprays gases that will help keep you and your family safe.

Consider using American Rat Control to help you deal with your pest problems in Venice Beach for the long term.

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