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Rodent Control in Glendale, CA

For over 40 years years, American Rat Control has been a trusted leader in rodent control in Glendale. Our technicians have extensive experience identifying and eliminating various rodent species. Discreet, targeted, and specialized, our rodent control services will make your house feel more like your home again.

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About Us

Effective rodent control in Glendale starts with understanding how these creatures think and act. At American Rat Control, we don’t simply eliminate the current problem; we educate our clients. We believe that rodent infestations aren’t just a one-time thing. This is why we collaborate closely with our clients to prevent this from becoming a recurring problem.

Rat Proofing


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Rodent Control

Los Angeles’ magic lies in its vibrant energy, diverse communities, and endless possibilities. But unwanted rodent guests can quickly diminish that magic. Don’t let these pests steal your joy! Imagine living in Los Angeles’ vibrant streets, vibing to a city bustling with activity, free from the worry of rodents. This is what we offer with our rodent control in Glendale.


Rodent Proofing

Our technicians are trained to identify vulnerabilities prone to rodents, considering exploitable existing holes and potential entry points.

— Rodent Proofing

A Rat

Natural Rodent Control

Rodents can damage your landscape. But what if there’s a more eco-friendly solution? We offer natural rodent control that repels.

— Natural Rodent Control

Rodent Control

Exterior Rodent Control

Don’t wait for rats to infest your walls. Exterior rodent control in Glendale is the proactive solution to rodent infestations!

— Exterior Rodent Control


Rodent Trapping

Wondering how long it takes to see results? In most cases, three visits eliminate existing rodents from your property.

— Rodent Trapping

Rat in Outdoor Yard in Grass

Rodent Identification

Strange noises coming from the attic? Before addressing the rodent infestation, it’s important to know what you’re up against first.

—Rodent Identification


Attic Cleaning

A rodent infestation can leave your attic feeling unclean, unwelcoming, and unsafe. This is where attic cleaning services come in.

— Attic Cleaning


Pest Control

From ants and cockroaches to spiders and other unwelcome guests, common household pests can disrupt your environment. With our pest control services, we can protect your home and your sanity. If our eco-friendly solutions aren’t enough, we can use targeted but safe pesticide applications for the complete and total elimination of pests.

Pest control contractor working in the flat

General Pest Control

A single treatment may not be enough for complete pest control success. Regular inspections is key to general pest control.

— General Pest Control


Spider Web Control

Webs are a sign of spider activity, but not the whole picture. Effective spider web control addresses the root causes.

— Spider Web Control


Ant Control

Those single ants you see might be just the tip of the iceberg. Don’t wait to discover a vast colony.

— Ant Control

close up of a Silverfish

Silverfish Control

Regular hygienic cleaning discourages silverfish by removing potential food sources and hiding places. It’s best paired with silverfish control.

— Silverfish Control


Stinging Insect Control

When all else buzzes, call in the experts! We safely remove nests and prevent future invasions of your home and backyard.

— Stinging Insect Control


Cockroaches Control

Cockroaches are resilient, but not invincible. We’ll show you how to stop a full-blown infestation from taking hold.

— Cockroaches Control


Flea Control

Spot a tiny black speck hopping around? Protect your pet’s health with proper flea control and prevent a bigger problem.

— Flea Control

fly on a leaf

Fly Control

A fly-free home starts with prevention – learn expert tips and tricks to keep these buzzing pests at bay.

— Fly Control

mosquito dangerous pests

Mosquito Control

Transform your backyard from a mosquito haven into a relaxing, bite-free oasis with the help of professional pest control.

— Mosquito Control

Camouflaged Beetle

Beetle Control

Don’t share your space with unwanted beetles. Reclaim your home with a customized beetle control plan from a trusted professional.

— Beetle Control


Our Process

Stop living on the edge, wondering when you’ll encounter another unwelcome visitor. From the first inspection to the final elimination, we’re here to guide you every step of the way. Forget generic rodent control in Glendale, to us, each client is unique even if our four-step program may stay the same throughout.

Step 1

Schedule your free inspection today to reveal all about your ongoing rodent infestation.


Step 2

Our free inspection gets to the root of your rodent woes so we don’t waste time and money with our treatment.

Step 3

After using proven sealing techniques to keep rodents, our trapping program takes care of the remaining critters.

Step 4

If those furry freeloaders return, we’ll handle it. But, after-service sanitization costs apply.

Why Choose Us

40 Years of Rodent Expertise

Norway rats’ cunning navigation? Roof rats’ acrobatic skills? We’ve battled (and beaten) them all in our four decades of expertise.

Local Experts

Don’t let rats turn your California home into a rodent paradise. Our California-licensed technicians are ready to take action.

Tailored Solutions

Our technicians are California-licensed and possess a deep understanding of the unique rodent threats specific to your region.

Science-Backed Methods

Rodent control in Glendale is constantly evolving. At American Rat Control, we are committed to staying ahead of the curve.

Beyond One-Time Fixes

Choose from our 2-year, 3-year, or lifetime warranty – an investment in long-term protection against unwanted guests.

Proactive Prevention

Rodent control in Glendale shouldn’t be a one-time fix. We go a step beyond to shield your home from future rodent threats.
Kris Anderson
Kris Anderson
I made several calls to rat exterminator companies yesterday, after about a week of trying and failing to catch a rat ourselves. Louis, the owner of American Rat Control, was the fastest to respond and came out within a couple hours. He was thorough, courteous, and effective. By the time he left, we knew where the rat had gotten in, we had proper traps laid down inside, a plan to clean up sources of food we had thought were secure but were not, as well as a plan for outdoor control. The traps worked within hours, catching and killing the rat. A huge relief. Pricing was also very reasonable. I fully recommend this company.
I could not be happier with this company. We bought a home with some unwanted residents in it. Louis has referred us to a great company to remove all the infested insulation. Once that was done Edgar came out and did a very thorough job of Rodent proofing our home. He also did a great job replacing the screens on our crawlspace, and are coming back checking on the traps regularly. I am very sad to see some of the negative reviews which truly do not represent the company I know and worked with. These guys are great. Louis and his people have your best interest at heart and my experience has been very pleasant, positive and successful. If you watch them and see what these guys have to do to get the work done even in the heat of 110 Fahrenheit temperatures, you will have a greater respect for their work. Highly recommend them and continue to do so. Thank you Louis and your Team. Great Job at our new home... THANKS
Kori A
Kori A
Louis is always professional and helpful! No more issues with bugs!
Mark B
Mark B
I made an emergency call to American Rat Control this morning to remove a rat from my tenant's outdoor home pre-school. Fortunately Louis, the American Rat Control company owner, called back quickly and happened to be in the area. Without an appointment he immediately came over and quickly removed the rat so it wouldn't affect the kids. I'm so thankful to him for being so gracious and altering his schedule for me. If you want to work with a professional who gives you good solid honest service, I highly recommend him. He's now my guy for any rodent removal I need.