Gopher Removal in Los Angeles & Surrounding Areas

Gophers are small rat-like animals that live their entire life underground; with the exception of occasionally poking their heads out of the tunnel opening. They are extremely annoying and can cause thousands of dollars in damage to lawns and landscapes. They burrow tunnels and push the dirt to the surface to create large mounds. Gophers are looking for roots of plants and grass to eat. On occasion, they will encounter your underground sprinkler system and chew on the pipes creating flooding that may undermine the ground around your home.

Gophers have an average lifespan of three years and reproduce two to three times per year. When gophers abandon their tunnel system for whatever reason, other gophers will take advantage of the newly available space and take over the tunnel system. After all, it’s easier and less work to take over an existing tunnel system than digging a new one.

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American Rat Control can treat for gophers and many other landscape pests, Our gopher exterminators are experts in gopher control and gopher removal. We will provide a free estimate after we survey the area and set up a plan to get the gophers under control.

Our licensed gopher control technicians can use gopher traps, baits or gasses, to eliminate them in your garden or landscape. Our preferred method of treatment is trapping, we will locate the tunnel system and place the traps. Our exterminator will return to remove the gophers; this is the quickest and most efficient way of gopher control. In some cases, baits or gasses make more sense. A free evaluation will determine the best course of action.

Gopher control is our passion. Our service technicians are expert exterminators and have many years in gopher extermination and elimination. Give us a call as soon as you see the first signs of gopher activity. We will send you one of our professional service technicians to remove gophers from your lawn and garden.


If gophers return to the same place, we will return to treat for gophers at as many times as needed for the duration of the 60-day service guarantee period.

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