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American Rat Control color logo

–  Rat Control License # PR6427
–  Fully Insured & Bonded
–  Over 40 Years Experience

5-Year warranty on rat control and rodent control services

5-Year Warranty  –  We warranty our rat proofing repairs for 5-Years, if rats come back, so will we.

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Rat control is very important inside and outside of your Pacific Palisades home due to the severe health risks and property damage associated with rat infestations.

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Pacific Palisades Rat Control

Our experienced and knowledgeable Pacific Palisades rat control exterminators provide reliable and specialized rat control plans, using advanced technology and eco-friendly options.  We guarantee satisfaction and professional prevention strategies for long-term rat & mouse control solutions.

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Getting the ideal pest control in Pacific Palisades helps you maintain order in your home. You feel more comfortable because you don’t have things crawling and biting through your prized possessions. Here are some things to note about rodent extermination in Pacific Palisades.


It takes time to get a handle on a rat infestation. Professionals start by identifying the species of rat. It helps them know their habits for mating, finding pathways to your home, and other things.

It’s imperative to know this information first to help devise a better plan of action to eradicate the rats. An inspector can find the access points and specific areas that need repair. It’s the best time to discuss an estimate and schedule a date and time to begin the project.

Not to mention, they may already start to lay traps in your home to help catch some rats. It’s also a better way of seeing their behavior and places they tend to move. You’re in good hands because each service technician is fully licensed to exterminate.

Technicians go through a rat-proofing training program that takes months to complete. They take a state-required exam to show their proficiency and only get hired after passing it.

American Rat Control takes a step-by-step approach to create long-term results to keep these rodents at bay in the Pacific Palisades.


If you prefer a non-lethal measure to get rid of rats, American Rat Control has a natural approach to keep them off your property. They create a natural repellent with essential oils to tree your bushes, fences, and other entryways that these little critters can find.

The best thing about this is they get irritated with the scent and exit the premises. They base their memory on scent trails, and the oil smell offends them. It doesn’t smell to your dogs and small children.

Additionally, it’s a better alternative if you don’t want harmful fumes or traps in your home.

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American Rat Control understands that pests can get annoying and be hazardous to your health. They will inspect your property to see if you have an insect or rodent problem. From there, they can determine what strategy would work best to help remove the pests.

They may use a specific material to seal any cracks to keep new intruders from slipping through these holes. Additionally, they use chemicals only approved by the Environmental Protection Agency to help you and your family stay safe from harmful gases.

The technicians ensure a thorough job to prevent future infestations.

If you need an exterminator in Santa Monica or the Pacific Palisades, look no further than American Rat Control.

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