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Tarzana is the ideal spot for young professionals to grow their roots and is great for elders to retire right outside of Los Angeles. However, this beautiful area may house rodents due to the warm climate, excellent habitat, and access to food. Here are some ways that rat control will help you in your Tarzana home.


American Rat Control also works wonders to help keep pests out. Even if you have pesky mice, moles, or other critters in your home, the expert staff has quality training to help combat these rodents. They think of every possibility to help you prevent another infestation.

Professionals have the experience and knowledge to dig in places where rodents may hide and plot for another breach. Get their expertise to deal with the issue and bring your home back to a peaceful place.

Also, you want to keep your family safe from different diseases to help your health stay in tip-top shape.

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The technicians from American Rat Control know different ways to eliminate rats from your home. You might have an infestation that’s lasted for a few weeks and don’t know the source of the problem. Professionals can find out the most problematic areas from scratches on the wall, bite marks, and droppings.

Experts can find the trail where the rats get inside your home. Also, they have quality equipment to spray and lay down traps. They understand that you have a family and need to be safe each step of the way.

Rat control can help you get your household back on track. You don’t have to worry about rats messing with your favorite items or chewing through your appliances. Additionally, you’ll feel more relaxed because a professional will help you seal the cracks and pathways to keep those annoying pests out of your humble home.

Also, experts take preventative measures to keep other rodents out of your home. Technicians know how to create long-lasting results to help pests stay away.


You might believe in a more humane way of dealing with rats. An expert will provide an alternative method to help control your rat problem. Sometimes the rat issue may lie in your garden.

Experts know how to use essential oils to keep rodents away from your garden. You’ll save your flowers, vegetables, and other things that you worked hard to plant. Also, your kids and pets can go outside in peace without worrying about messy rats.

The peppermint scent is a natural repellent against rats because they dislike the smell. Also, it throws off their scents to prevent them from retracting their steps back to your property. Consider the environmental benefits of using this alternative natural rat removal method.

Call American Rat Control for details on exterminating rats near Encino and Tarzana.

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