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Why Ignoring Rat Poop in Your Attic Can Be a Costly Mistake

Attic Cleaning

Have you recently noticed some droppings in your attic? You know, those little black pellets scattered in the corners and along the baseboards?

While you might just it off as some mice passing through, the droppings are actually from rats. This type of infestation can end up costing you a fortune. So, it’s important to pay attention to this type of development. Rat poop in attic spaces can become a major issue – an issue that can turn into a nightmare in just a short manner of time.

While a rat may seem harmless at a glance, the opposite is true. The urine and feces of rats can cause serious damage to your attic insulation and wood structures. These large rodents also have a knack for chewing through wires, pipes and support beams quickly if not thoroughly.

Before you know it. you’ll be facing repair bills and extensive cleaning tasks. Even one rodent can do a lot of unwanted damage. Take the advice of professional exterminators by cleaning rat droppings up and notifying an exterminator about the rodent droppings early.

Don’t wait until your attic turns into a full-blown haven for rodent droppings, roof rats, and rodent abuse. The sooner you call an exterminator, the better the chance you’ll have of preventing those rodents from transforming your attic into an unhealthy rodent playground.

Needless to say, rodent droppings are something you need to take seriously, especially if they involve roof rats, as these rodents are looking to invade your space. They want to find a warm and inviting, yet dark place, to call home.

They like the shelter as well as the materials that make up an attic space. While you can clean rat droppings up, you also want to make sure that those roof-loving rodents don’t reappear anytime again too soon. That is why you need to call an experienced exterminator if you see any sign of a rodent infestation or rat feces in your house.

Therefore, don’t overlook any signs of either a rat infestation or a rodent problem with mice. An attic rodent or mice in the living area signals the need to take back control of your house. Whether you’re dealing with mouse droppings or the poop of rats, make it a priority to dispose of the mess and schedule rodent removal services ASAP. Don’t let mice and rats invade your turf.

Get rid of those rodent nests, black droppings, or any sign of a rodent presence. That rodent excrement is a major alarm – telling that you need to address the problem right away. You also have to take this stance if you discover other rodents, pests, and critters like raccoons.

The Health Risks Associated with Rodent Poop

The droppings and urine left behind by rodents in your attic pose serious health hazards and risks. The waste that rodents use as their calling card can carry diseases that can make you or your family seriously sick.


One alarming disease transmitted through droppings and urine is Hantavirus. Symptoms such as fever, muscle aches, and fatigue can escalate into a life-threatening condition quickly and tragically.

Leptospirosis Disease or Wells Disease

Leptospirosis, also referred to as Weils disease, can result in symptoms such, as jaundice, kidney failure and meningitis. Rat droppings may also harbor parasites like tapeworms, which have the potential to infect humans and make them extremely sick.

Inhaling the Dust of the Feces of Rats and Mice

Inhaling particles of dried rat feces and urine, or particles of mice poop, commonly known as dust, poses a significant hazard as well. This can lead to a type of pneumonia and trigger life-threatening reactions in certain individuals. People who are younger, who are elderly or people with compromised immune systems are particularly vulnerable to this type of rodent activity.

Furthermore, the presence of rat droppings in your attic not only causes damage. but emits an unpleasant odor. This nauseating smell can decrease the value of your property value and diminish its ambience and visual appeal. Moreover, rat waste attracts insects like flies, beetles and cockroaches, which can infest different areas of your home.

The risks associated with these issues are genuine while the expenses for healthcare treatments and home repairs can be substantial. Therefore, it is critical to make sure you take immediate action when it comes to rat-proofing your Los Angeles residence.

Not only should you contact an exterminator about rodent urine and rodent feces, you’ll need to clean and sanitize your attic of the rodent waste. A roof rat problem is a problem that won’t go away until you contact a professional to de-escalate the issue posthaste.

If you receive help from a company like American Rat Control, you can have roof rat trappings placed, so you can schedule dead rodent removal in about three scheduled appointments. You can also receive attic cleaning services at the same time to abate any rodent infestations once and for all.

Full-Service Attic Cleaning by American Rat Control

If you opt for full-service attic cleaning, you will receive:

  • Complete removal of accessible attic insulation and debris
  • A vacuuming of all accessible rat poop
  • Adding of R-30 attic insulation, where accessible
  • Sanitization of all areas that are accessible in the attic

So, take action by contacting an exterminator to eliminate any signs of rat infestation and then thoroughly clean and sanitize your attic to protect your health, home and finances. Once this is done successfully, you’ll enjoy more peace of mind knowing that these hazards have been eradicated permanently.

Structural Damages Caused by Rats and Similar Animals.

Rats belong to the category of rodents that incessantly chew and gnaw on objects. If rats find their way into your attic, they will gnaw on items within reach such as wiring, insulation and wooden beams.

This persistent chewing can greatly compromise the stability of your attic and roof. Weakened wood beams and joists become unstable while damaged insulation leads to decreased energy efficiency.

The longer the rats are left unattended, the more extensive the damage becomes. This can lead to repairs that can amount into the thousands of dollars.

A Fire Hazard

Not only do rats pose a risk to a home’s structural integrity, they present a possible fire hazard as well. Their constant chewing on wiring increases the likelihood of a fire over time. Additionally, their urine and droppings can also ignite a flame in an attic space when the waste is exposed to sparks. Droppings turn brittle over time and emit an unhealthy dust in the house and can catch fire as well.

Moreover, when rats chew wires, they expose the copper or aluminum in the wiring. This too can spark a fire when a current runs through the connection. Both copper and aluminum are electrical conductors, so this can easily happen. The National Fire Protection Association states that the faulty wiring caused by rats often is the cause for many house fires in the U.S.

Fires that originate in attics typically tend to spread and cause damages before they’re detected. As a result, the costs associated with repairing the destruction from a fire can end up becoming overwhelming

It is highly unwise and dangerous then to ignore signs of a rat infestation in your attic. Again, the damage inflicted by these rodents worsens over time, leading to mounting costs for repairs.

Preventative Measures that Prevent Future Rat Infestations

Exterminators who specialize in removing dead rodents and in attic cleaning solutions will also make sure the rats will not gain entry again. They do this by sealing access points, setting traps, and blocking entryways.

Once more, it’s better to deal with rats at the early stages of an infestation rather than waiting until later when the problem has escalated almost beyond control. By addressing this issue early, you’ll not only protect your home but will also save yourself from unnecessary financial burdens.

Don’t Wait Until You Experience a Power Outage

Have your attic checked – even if you notice only a few pellets of rat poop. Rats target areas like attics or basements when they chew wires. You might not notice a problem until your lights begin to flicker or there is a power outage on a chill fall evening. In some instances, you might catch a burning smell. That’s when the costs can really ignite as well – burning a hole right through your wallet.

Schedule Regular Inspections

To prevent fires and rat damage, you need to schedule regular inspections with your exterminator, preferably seasonally. An exterminator will check for signs of a rat presence, such as droppings, nests or chewed wires. Keep an eye out for any exposed or frayed wiring. Make sure to have an electrician promptly repair or replace any damaged wires and connections

Additionally, consider installing wire protectors like PVC tubing over any exposed wiring to deter chewing incidents.

The Spread and Costs of Diseases through Rat Urine and Droppings

Again, it’s important to be aware of rat droppings and urine in your attic, which can pose several serious health risks that lead to serious illnesses.

More About Diseases That Rats Transmit

Rats are carriers of more than 35 zoonotic diseases. Therefore, infected rat dropping and urine can easily make people sick. The infection, leptospirosis, for instance, is transmitted through the body through the rat’s urine via the nose, eyes, mouth, or an open wound.

Salmonella is a type of bacteria that causes food poisoning. Its symptoms include diarrhea, abdominal cramps, fever and dehydration. It can be transmitted through contact with rat feces.

Rat Bite Fever is spread through bites, scratches or contact with infected rat saliva, urine or droppings. It leads to symptoms like fever, rash, and swelling and can lead to complications such as heart failure if left untreated.

Therefore, it’s important to realize that encountering rat droppings and urine puts you and your family at risk of contracting diseases and infections. The contamination of the attic by these waste materials allows harmful bacteria and viruses to enter your living areas through openings like cracks, air vents, pipes and the HVAC system.

Make Your Family’s Health and Safety a Priority

To mitigate the health hazards associated with a rat infestation in your living space; remove the rats completely; thoroughly clean and sanitize the attic / replace insulation; and eliminate all traces of droppings and urine;. Again, seal off any entry points to prevent rat invasions.

Neglecting this issue will only lead to problems in terms of cost and impact on your well-being. Prioritizing your health and safety is critical. Don’t delay in taking action when your health and home are at stake.

Hiring Professionals for Rat Removal versus Doing It Yourself

While it may seem like a cost-effective alternative, opting for DIY rat removal, this solution often ends up being more expensive in the long run. Let’s explore a few reasons why investing in professional rat extermination is a much better choice;

Health Concerns

Rat droppings and urine carry diseases that can pose serious risks to you and your family’s well-being. Professionals are equipped with the gear and expertise to safely remove all contaminated materials. Additionally, they will seal off entry points to prevent further infestations.

Repairing Damages

Rats can cause damage by gnawing through walls, floorboards, pipes and electrical wires. A professional exterminator will assess the extent of the damage, provide recommendations for repairs, or connect you with the right contractors. Their experience allows them to spot damages that an untrained eye might overlook.

Effective Eradication

DIY methods, such as traps or poison, often address a portion of the rat population allowing survivors to continue breeding. Professional exterminators employ pest management strategies that combine traps, baiting techniques, and exclusion methods to eradicate the colony. They know what pest control techniques to use to protect your home’s structure for maximum effectiveness.

Needless to say, investing in professional rat removal services offers advantages when compared to attempting a do-it-yourself approach. The knowledge, expertise and thoroughness provided by professionals ensures that you’ll enjoy an environment that is free of health risks and pests.

Finding peace of mind

Even if you manage to eliminate the rats on your own, there’s always a lingering uncertainty. You might still wonder whether all the access points have been sealed or if all the health hazards were totally addressed.

Opting for professional rat removal ensures that the task is carried out completely and accurately – allowing you to rest assured that your home is free from rats and any further risks to your health and future property value.

Although DIY rat removal may appear less costly, calling an exterminator will resolve an infestation permanently. For the sake of your well-being, home security and peace of mind, it’s better to reach out to an expert.

In Conclusion

It’s critical to address the presence of rat droppings in your attic promptly. Ignoring them can lead to problems down the line and result in significant repair costs over time. Rats are carriers of diseases and their droppings can make you extremely sick. So, if you’re experiencing this problem, be proactive. Contact a professional exterminator right away.

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