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Rodent Library: What Type of Rat Infestation do I Have?

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If you notice rats, or signs of rats, in your home, your first instinct is probably to try and take care of the situation as soon as possible. However, it can make sense to step back and observe for a bit. The reason for this is that when you know what type of pest is in your home, it is easier to choose the right pest control solution. While the team at American Rat Control is happy to help, we’ve put together a guide to some of the most common rats that you may find in the LA area so can more easily determine what type of rat infestation you may have.

Common Types of Rats

  • Cotton Rat – The cotton rat is a small to medium sized rat is best known for being an agricultural pest. They have bare tails, but their bodies are covered with coarse hair. Cotton rats are usually grey with some black hairs mixed in, though the belly is often a lighter color. While Cotton rats are more at home in fields than houses, they will invade buildings when food is available. The most common signs of a cotton rat infestation include sightings of the rats themselves (especially when they’re active at night) and the observations of the shallow burrows they build leading towards the building.

type of rat infestation cotton rat

  • Roof RatsRoof rats are medium-sized brown or black rats. They can be over a foot long and have a long tail large ears and eyes. The roof rat has smooth fur and a sleek body shape. Roof rats nest inside and often make beds within piles of rubbish or wood. Because they’re excellent climbers, they are commonly found in the roof or attics of structures, giving them their name. Signs of a roof rat infestation include the destruction of property as the rats make their nests and rat droppings left behind.

type of rat infestation roof rat

  • Norway RatsNorway rats are a large rat type that often weighs more than a pound. With long bodies and tails that are approximately half the size of the body, they are often identified by their medium-length brown or grey fur. Norway rats usually live underground, but during the night they may travel throughout the home looking for food sources. Norway rats are often harder to spot than other rodent types, but you may notice gnaw l marks on food and objects within the home or outdoor burrows. Also, one of the easiest signs to spot are the large droppings they leave behind.

type of rat infestation norway rat

  • House Mice – the house mouse, is a smaller rodent than most rats, but they are quite commonly found in the Los Angeles area. Because they rapidly reproduce, a small infestation can turn into a large one quickly. House mice are recognizable by their small bodies which are usually covered in short light brown or grey or black fur. Their bellies are generally lighter, and their tails and ears are also furry. Signs of a house mouse infestation include scattered droppings and shredded material that they use for their nest.

house mice infestations

It’s important to realize that these are just a few of the more common rats that you may see in the Los Angeles area. If you would like more information about what type of rat infestation you may have in your home and rat proofing your house, reach out to us at American Rat Control today. We offer many highly-effective, yet safe, rodent control techniques which we specifically target to your pest infestation.

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