There are any number of pests, both of the rodent and insect variety that cause problems for California home and business owners. However, one of the most notable is the black rat–which is why we chose this creature for our “pest of the month” and share interesting facts about pests such as this.

What is a Black Rat?

Black rats, also known as the ship rat, roof rat or house rat, is a common, long-tailed rat found all across the United States, but most common in the southern and coastal regions–making them especially prevalent throughout California. You will recognize the black rat by site based on its black or dark brown coloring, sleek size and tail that is usually longer than the body. However, in most cases, you will not see the rats themselves, but signs of the infestation.

Signs of a Black Rat Infestation

One of the unique aspects of the black rat, compared to other species, is its proclivity to climb. Because these rats often nest in trees, attics and yes, roofs, they are often referred to as roof rats. You may hear the rats long before you ever see signs of the infestation. Some of the common signs of an infestation include:

  • Scratching or scurrying noises in the attic or the walls of a home
  • Chewed areas or scratch marks on the roof or eaves
  • Scurrying across trees, power lines and other elevated areas
  • Fruit from trees or bushes that are hollow or partially eaten
  • Electrical wire damage
  • Scraps and trash crafted into a nest in walls or closets

Why Are Black Rats Considered Pests?

Black rats are considered household pests for a number of reasons. These creatures can be quite destructive, causing damage to your home and even your electrical wires. A full infestation could cost hundreds or thousands in damage to your home. In addition, black rats are not the cleanest creatures–they often leave droppings in your home which can be unpleasant to see or smell. Finally, like most feral rats, black rats carry a number of diseases and can also bring fleas, ticks and other smaller pests into the home too. A black rat infestation is not something that any home or business owner wants to deal with and resolving the situation as soon as possible is always recommended.

What Should You Do if You Suspect You Have a Black Rat Problem?

As you can see, black rats are a top pest problem to home and business owners in California, so getting them off your property as soon as possible should be a priority. Don’t mess around with store-bought traps or products, they simply aren’t powerful enough to combat an infestation, and the longer the problem exists, the harder it is to remedy it.

Call us at American Rat Control today and let us put together a treatment plan developed with your specific property and problem in mind. We will rid your space of these pests, and any others, quickly, effectively and affordably. Contact us today and let us show you how we deal with the pest-of-the-month–the black rat.