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Citrus Pests

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The citrus industry is huge here in California. Oranges, grapefruits and other citrus fruits are commonly grown as cash crops among small community farmers. This is vital to be cognizant of the potential dangers to these crops. We’re covering a few of the citrus pests, and pest control measures that can be taken to protect your crops from these annoyances.

What Are Citrus Pests?

There are several pests that can cause problems for orange and other citrus crops in California. However, the number one concern is called the Asian citrus psyllid.

The Asian citrus psyllid is no larger than a grain of rice and is not dangerous to humans directly. However, it feeds on the leaves and stems of citrus plants and damages them in this way, plus it infects the trees with a disease called Huanglongbing (also known as HLB or citrus greening disease). This is a wasting disease for the tree, and there is currently no cure.

In addition, rats, mice and other rodents can be bothersome in citrus fields — they feast on fallen fruits and multiply quickly, causing an infestation. If there are trees near a home or barn, you may see the rodents begin to make their way indoors, especially at night. A well-tended grove will be less likely to attract rodents, but having pest control services regularly makes a difference too.

What Measures Should Be Taken?

The first step is to forge a relationship with a pest control professional. You want to work with a pest control expert on the regular to make sure he or she understands all your needs and can protect you today and in the future. Since there is no cure for HLB, preventing an infestation of the Asian citrus psyllid is the key.

Diseased trees must be removed and destroyed right away to keep the disease from spreading further and contaminating every single plant in your grove or yard. It is important to have a knowledgeable pest control professional on your side during this process to make sure you do not miss any contaminated trees, stray pests or that you do not inadvertently spread pests to other areas on your property.

When it comes to rats and mice, there are plenty of pest removal, treatment and prevention options, ranging from natural treatments to more powerful solutions. Talk to us at American Rat Control and we’ll discuss your needs and put together a solution that keeps your grove, garden and your yard safe from pests.

Whether you are dealing with an active outbreak of HLB, have seen Asian citrus psyllids in your citrus crops or you want to be proactive to protect yourself from this, and other, menaces, American Rat Control would love to hear from you. Call or contact us today and let us create a plan for pest control for your citrus grove or for your household citrus trees. We look forward to working with you for a pest-free future!

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