Few household pests are as frightening to home and business owners as rats. Not only are rats creepy, crawly creatures, but they also carry diseases everywhere they travel and can even destroy your building from the inside out. Luckily, a good pest control company, like American Rat Control, can rid your home of these creatures and help you sleep well at night.

It’s Rat Season

It may surprise you to find that rat infestation are quite common in the Los Angeles area, even in the cleanest homes or offices. Fall is the prime time for rats since the temperatures drop a bit and it rains a bit more than usual. Rats look for warm, dry and comfortable places to call home–such as your building.

It is essential that you obtain treatment for a rat problem as soon as possible after infestation, to avoid the most dangerous complications and to make the removal process as smooth and simple as possible. Luckily, spotting an autumn rat infestation is not that difficult when you know the signs.

Common Signs You May Have a Rat Infestation

  • Scratching noises – Have you heard scratching, skittering or rustling noises? This could be a sign of rats. Many rats are excellent climbers so you may even hear this coming from your attic. These noises will likely be heard mostly at night, as rats are nocturnal creatures.
    rat infestation scratches
  • Rat droppings – Most of the common rat droppings are dark brown. They occur in a spindle-like shape. Because of the shape and size, they look much like a grain of rice. You’ll see these droppings in areas where rats congregate.
    rat infestation droppings
  • Signs of nesting – Most rats shred soft material to make their nest. If you find insulation, cardboard, and other soft items have been destroyed, leaving a mess around your home or office, it may be a sign that rats have been in the area.
    torn cardboard
  • Holes – Brown rats, for instance, dig extensive burrow systems. They use these tunnels and holes for storage, nesting and hide their food. Unexplained gaps near the foundation of your home are another a signifier of an autumn infestation and is something you should have investigated right away.
    rat in a hole
  • Foot and tail prints – Check out the dusty, and infrequently accessed areas of your building such as in the basement or attic. You may see foot and tail marks in the dust, signifying that rats have been present or are moving through the area.
    rat paws

Fixing the Problem

If you have seen signs of an autumn rat infestation in your home or place of business, it’s important to act on this as quickly as possible. Reach out to us at American Rat Control today. We use a specially selected combination of pest control techniques to ensure that your rat problem is eliminated quickly and permanently. Before we leave, we will make sure that your home is 100% free of rats. We look forward to helping you feel good, once again, about your rat-free home or business.