Even the sunniest California summer has to come to an end sometime, and while autumn in the Los Angeles area doesn’t carry the sting it does to the north, the upcoming change in seasons still holds plenty of potential to give you a chill. Not because you’ll be caught in a cold rain or an unusual snow, but because autumn in California is prime time for mice and ants.  Here are some things to think about when doing late summer pest prevention.

You’re Not the Only One Stocking Up

While you’re getting ready to send the kids back to class and loading up on school supplies, rodents and ants are doing some “shopping” of their own. As the days grow shorter and the nights cooler, pests are looking for a warm and comfortable place to nest—preferably one with plenty of food and room to spread out with the family. And all too often, the family in question is human!

Depending on the species, ants might just be looking to score some food to take back to their nest for the coming cold season. But rodents are generally on the prowl for a place to call home.

We’ve talked at length before about the best ways to keep mice and other rodents out of your home. We’ve also discussed some creative and proven ways to deal with that other unwelcome guest, ants. You already know that prevention is the best medicine when it comes to pest control, and a surefire way to get your ounce of prevention is by scheduling an in-depth consultation with your local pest control experts.

An Autumn Tradition Worth Keeping

If you’ve dealt with invasive rodents or ants in the past, you might have made the wise decision to sign up for a monthly pest maintenance program. If so, you’re already ahead of the game, because a professional monthly pest control review is one of the most effective, and convenient, methods of making sure mice, rats, ants, and other pests don’t see your home as a safe haven as autumn and winter come to call.

But if you’ve never had issues with pests, or simply didn’t sign up for a maintenance program when you did, late summer is the perfect time to begin. You’re probably already attending to a bundle of seasonal chores to help keep your family safe and comfortable during the colder seasons—having your HVAC serviced, swapping out your screen windows for storm windows, dealing with the pool, etc.—so it’s easy to add a pest control review to your checklist.

The consultation is a risk-free way to identify potential vectors of invasion, find existing pest problems you might not even know you had, and learn about how best to ensure your home becomes, and stays, pest-free.

So while you’re picking out backpacks and squeezing in one last family camping trip, be sure to get in touch with your friends at American Rat Control for a free in-home estimate and consultation. It’s the best way to make sure pests are sent packing for good.