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Why Do I Have Rats in My Home?

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Living in the Los Angeles area is great. The weather is good, most of the time. It’s near the beach and million-dollar homes, and we’re surrounded by lush landscapes and gardens everywhere. All this awesomeness is ideal for humans; but, even better for wildlife and especially rats.  If you ask yourself, why do I have rats in my home? we will tell you why and help you with the problem.

Here in L.A., there are many homes and buildings very close together. Most have great overgrown landscapes, which create the perfect environment for rats and mice to live, breed and survive with plenty of food, water, and shelter.

Life for a Rat in Los Angeles can be Easy

Because there are not many predators to keep the populations low, rats almost always have large litters of surviving young. The ones that live in close proximity to buildings will almost always prefer to move into the structure to breed their young. The building provides that extra added protection from predators and/or the elements.

Rats that choose to live outside are living in burrows. Most of the time these burrows are near your home or business. When the rodent colony outside becomes too large in number, the dominant rats will chase the weaker rats away from the colony. This behavior causes the newly evicted rodents to move closer homes and businesses.

Rats Around Buildings

When rats live close to a building they will eventually find or create an opening to get inside. Once inside the structure, the rats will never leave and why should they? They have just discovered an abundance of delicious food and water. Not to mention, a safe place to live. Once inside the structure they will make their way to the highest point. That point is usually your attic.

Your attic is a perfect environment for rats. It’s dark, warm and full soft fluffy stuff to build a 5-star nest for their pups. The average rat will have anywhere from 6 – 8 pups in a single litter and the female rats will repeat this process 3 or 4 more times each year. The majority of those rat pups will be females, ready to begin the reproduction cycle.

Rodent Damage to Your Home

When rats decide to make your attic their home, they create a lot of damage. They chew on wires and leave rat droppings and urine everywhere, creating a bio-hazard just above your head. If rats are left to their own devices and the young are able to mature and grow, they will quickly run out of food provided by their mother and will begin searching for alternative sources to cure their hunger.

Very quickly the young rats will make their way to your kitchen. In your kitchen, they will urinate and defecate all over your counters and floors making your kitchen and food preparation areas unsafe for you and your family. And don’t forget about your beloved household pet; because rats love dog and cat food too.

How Can We Help?

I recommend you have your home inspected and rat proofed to eliminate rats for good. The process is quick and easy with minimal inconvenience to you and your family. For more information contact us today!

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When we have determined that your house is completely rat proofed and all rodents have been successfully removed, we recommend cleaning & sanitizing the attic space, during the time rodents were inside your attic space they were contaminating the insulation with rodent feces and bacteria laden rat urine.

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