The sighting of a single rat or mouse should be cause for alarm. One mouse or rat could mean that there is a family hiding somewhere in your home, garden or business. A family could consist of a pair or more than a pair, their children, aunts, uncles, cousins and other relations which is quite scary to contemplate. They could have taken up residence in the walls, between stored items, basements, attics, underneath or behind large appliances. Stored cushions and pillows are ideal places to make nests. An adult mouse, for instance, will make a hole in a cushion (often you don’t see it until you pick it up). The stuffing in the cushion is ideal as a nesting place for a pregnant mom to use to have her babies; they will be safe and warm while she is out foraging for food.

You could try to get rid of the mice yourself, but be aware that it is not that easy to get to many of the places that mice or rats frequent to capture or destroy them. Deciding to call in a specialist is a good idea as they will be able to assess the problem and then make recommendations for their removal and prevention. Taking some steps to prepare for your rodent specialist, such as American Rat Control, will ensure an effective result.


Some of these suggestions should be standard, not just for preparation prior to your pest control company coming in to deal with a pest control situation:

  • Ensure that all food that is not sealed in a can or jar is stored in the refrigerator, or a heavy plastic container. Make this a standard habit it will keep food stuff out of access for pests.
  • Food stuff that attracts rodents are: nuts, candies, chips, bread, grain-based products, all pet foods will attract rats and mice.
  • Food that is normally stored on counter tops, cabinets, upper and lower, should be stored in tight fitting containers that are strong. Rodents can chew through cardboard cereal box, s for instance, thin plastic bags, or other receptacles that are not very strong
  • Repair holes in walls, baseboards, doors that are not properly sealed, cracks and other places you might see that rodents could come through. You will see tell-tale signs such as droppings, scuff marks from dirty feet
  • If you reside in an apartment, then your apartment management must be made aware and be requested to repair any holes. Rats and mice can get through holes from 1/4” to 1/2” in diameter.
  • When your pest control company arrives, you can discuss where you have seen rat or mice movement. As long as you have made a note of these areas, then you will make things easier and quicker for the pest control company to know where to place the necessary traps or bait
  • When the traps and or baits have been placed, then you should not move or disturb them for the duration of the treatment.

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