Areas of the city that are prone to fires and are also prone to having rodent infestations. Whether in the city or the hills, rats and mice are everywhere. In the city, when a house or a commercial building catches fire, the rodents living in and around the burning structure will scatter to nearby structures, this may be your home or business.

You may come home one day after your neighbor’s house burned down and find rats in your home, that’s because the rats have been displaced and have found refuge in your home. The best way to prevent this is to control exterior rat populations before a disaster or a fire in your neighborhood.

Using exterior bait stations on the perimeter of your home will allow rats and mice to find the boxes, go inside and eat the bait. The purpose of using a box to house the bait is so only the rats and mice can enter and no other animals or children.

So, if you know you have rats in the neighborhood, seriously consider preventive rodent control, it’s a lot cheaper than having rats inside your home or business.

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