If you have pets, there are few things more annoying than fleas. They cause your pet to itch, they are messy and they can even get on you. It only makes sense that you’d want to keep them out of your home. However, once they’ve made their way in, it can be a challenge to keep them under control. If you’re struggling with fleas, or just worried about preventing them as summer approaches, you’ll appreciate these five flea-control tips we’ve put together.

  • Examine/Treat Pets That Go Outside & Keep Them Groomed – If you have a cat or dog that goes outdoors on a regular basis, give Fido or Fluffy a quick once-over when he comes back in the house. You may catch any fleas (or ticks) before they even get past the front door. Also, remember that a well-groomed pet is less likely to have a major flea infestation. If your pet has long fur prone to matting it is worth having him or her trimmed, especially during summer months. It will make it easier to spot any flea problems before they get out of hand. In addition, consider purchasing a flea comb that you can use to comb through the fur and remove any stray fleas.
  • Consider a Monthly Flea Preventive – Both “spot on” (like Frontline or Advantage) and pill (like Comfortis) treatments can be very useful for pets who are susceptible to fleas. Unlike sprays or powders, you just treat once a month and the pet is protected. Talk to your vet about the options available and find one that suits your pet well and fits your lifestyle.
  • Vacuum at Clean Bedding Regularly – Regular vacuuming is a simple measure to keep your home flea-free. After you’ve vacuumed make sure to empty the canister or throw away the bag outside, right away. You don’t want any fleas that are still living to re-infest your home. In addition, washing your pets’ bedding with hot water can kill any flea eggs that may be attached and prevent them from hatching.
  • Treat Outside Your Home – Fleas invade your home from outside. It only makes sense—your home is a warm, comfortable place with your pet or pets easily accessible. So, one of the best ways to keep fleas at bay is to utilize pest services to treat your yard. After all, if the fleas aren’t comfortable in your yard, they’ll likely move on elsewhere.
  • Keep Other Pests Under Control – Pests like rats, mice and even squirrels can harbor fleas en-masse. If you are able to keep these pests out of your house and yard, there will be fewer opportunities for fleas to thrive.  Working with one of the pest control services in California can be a good way to keep your home and yard free of these annoyances.

While fleas are an annoyance, they aren’t the only pest that can cause problems for your pets. Working with a pest control specialist is the best way to keep your home free of bugs, rodents and other intruders. Call or contact us at American Rat Control today and let us help you AND your pets!