The process for attic cleaning services is as follows:

  1. Rat-proof your home completely
  2. Completely remove all rats from the structure
  3. Inspect the exterior
  4. Seal all rat access points
  5. Provide and service rat traps in the attic until your attic is free of rats

At this point, it is okay to perform an attic cleaning.

The first thing we do is prepare your home by using plastic sheeting to cover the floors, walls and furniture. We then make a path from the attic space to the nearest exit; this is to reduce the amount of attic dust in your home. We then remove all contaminated insulation, vacuum the rat feces and dust, and treat the space with an anti-bacterial solution to kill most of the germs left behind by rats.

After the contaminated insulation has been removed and the attic vacuumed and sanitized we will install fresh insulation. Your attic space is now cleaned and healthy for your family. Give American Rat Control a call for a free estimate on Attic Cleaning 866-728-2878

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