The most long-lasting and successful method of rat and mice control in buildings is to ‘build them out’. Creating an environment that excludes pests, one needs to ensure that they are unable to get into the building. Existing building needs a thorough check for any possible places that a rat or mouse can get it. Some of the smallest cracks can be an entry into a building, check water pipes (rats especially are good swimmers), vents, electrical conduits, toilet areas, drain pipes, any holes that are 1/4” or larger should be plugged up.

Ensure that doors, screens, windows fit securely with no gaps for mice or rats to get through. Covering holes with a metal sheet or strong steel mesh or steel wool are all good materials to keep pests out, rats and mice can gnaw through wood, plaster, plastic sheeting and caulking and other materials that are not very strong, with their sharp teeth.

Openings above ground also need to be plugged up. Rats and mice are excellent climbers; roof rats especially are able to get into high places, so attention to this area needs careful planning and implementation. A pest control company such as American Rat Control in Los Angeles, can have the knowledge and expertise to be able to pest proof a home to ensure that it is safe from these critters. Infestations can happen right under your nose. You might not see it happening until the building has become infested with these pests. Taking sensible precautions before a rat or mice problem becomes evident is a good idea. The best local pest control company in Los Angeles area is American Rat Control, CA.  We are specialists that have studied all the known pests in this area, have the necessary equipment and we are able to ensure that your home or business is safe from an invasion.


Controlling the pest population is a vital part of controlling your environment. Rats and mice can bring diseases and illness into your home or business.  You don’t want to risk the people you love and work with, to become ill through the negligence of this important aspect of pest control.

Good measures in keeping the rat and mice populations down is to limit access to food, water and shelter. Rat and mice population can quite quickly increase if not checked. Direct control of populations is often necessary.


  • Check ventilation screens, repair or replace any that are damaged around the foundations, or under the eaves
  • Check crawl spaces and check that the cover is tight fitting if there is no cover then its best to put one in place and ensure that the fit is tight
  • Check pipes, wires, cables that run through walls ensure that there is no gap big enough for a rat or mouse to be able to enter
  • Use a spark arrester for chimneys
  • Check window screens, internal screen on the roof, air vents in the attic are all in good repair
  • Any roof plumbing vent pipes should not have a gap in excess of 2” if there are gaps bigger than 2” then cover them with screens on their tops
  • Bottoms of doors often have gaps that mice and even rats can get in, weatherproofing these areas will keep them out

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