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An Annoying Pest Problem On Your Doorstep – Part 1

Rat Dangers


There are many kinds of pests that can plague homes, gardens, outbuildings, commercial premises, restaurants, fast food establishments, storage areas of companies that store foodstuffs, retail food stores, canteens of companies and agricultural holdings.


Taking preventative measures help prevent rats, mice and gophers from taking up residence in a home or other buildings, farm, plots etc. Like all creatures on the planet, the need for food, water and shelter is necessary and prime reasons why any critter will do anything to locate sources where they can find a regular supply. Take a good look around your place of residence or work for places that rats and mice can get in and build nests.

To take the guesswork out of the search, call in a pest control and management company, such as American Rat Control, CA.  We are experts and are fully trained to be able to check out any premises to find:

  • A mice infestation
  • A rat infestation
  • An invasion of gophers or any other critter

Look for places that these pests can gain entry.

Calling out a pest extermination company will help you to identify where you need to plug up any holes and make the environment pest proof. This is a job for people who have a good knowledge of pest and their habits.
American Rat Control, LA will then lay traps or bait to entice pests to come out of hiding, the bait used in traps are attractive to the mice or rat and they will ingest it, but it won’t be harmful to you or your pets. If the company uses humane traps, then they will use food that rats and mice like. They will be captured and removed from the premises.


A good strategy to controlling rats and mice will include four elements:

  1. rodent proofing
  2. measures for sanitation
  3. building construction
  4. population control if necessary


Sanitation is one of the fundamental things that must be done to control rodents. If not done properly and continuously, it will cancel out any other benefits. Generally, good housekeeping is required, especially to reduce the sources of food and shelter for rodents to survive. Place items like pipes, lumber, crates, firewood, gardening equipment, boxes and household goods above the ground, out of reach of rodents. This will make it more difficult for them to traverse through your yard and home.

Ensure that your garbage bins are well covered and collect any garbage and place it in sealed containers frequently.

Outside, ensure that vegetation is sparse, especially where vegetation overhangs over your roof; makes it easy for rats and mice to be able to get into your home. Plants such as hedges and ivy, star jasmine, and honeysuckle are prone to rat and mice infestations. Keeping them thin will make them less desirable for these pests. Any other plants that tend to become dense should be watched carefully for nesting as they are a haven for hiding these pests.

To be continued in part 2…

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When we have determined that your house is completely rat proofed and all rodents have been successfully removed, we recommend cleaning & sanitizing the attic space, during the time rodents were inside your attic space they were contaminating the insulation with rodent feces and bacteria laden rat urine.

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