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5 Tips When Hiring a Pest Control Company

Pest Control

Ants, rats, and cockroaches, oh my! If you’ve encountered any of these unwanted visitors in your house, it’s time to clear them out before they establish a colony and decide to become permanent unwanted guests. The best way to do this thoroughly, safely, and in a way that will bring you peace of mind is by hiring a pest control company, but there are some simple things to keep in mind before making your choice.

Pests can pose serious health hazards and risks to anyone living within an infested domicile. Rat droppings can spread hantavirus, salmonellosis, and other dangerous bacteria that can be fatal, and their bites can easily spread rabies or other vector-borne diseases. Other pests like roaches, spiders, and termites can contaminate food, cause painful bites, or lower property values by damaging your house. 

It’s critical to be proactive and get on pest control right away, as if you are visibly seeing the pests then that means that they are likely living in far greater numbers within your house than you are aware of. The most prudent course of action is to conduct pest control regularly by contracting it out on a quarterly basis, which will effectively keep them under control as well as provide you with guarantees for peace of mind. Although you want to act quickly and decisively, keep these five tips in mind before hiring any pest control company. 

Tip #1: Follow-ups, warranties, and guarantees

Pest control, unfortunately, is often not as simple as a one-and-done procedure. While they may take care of the majority of pests, there might be a few left over. One of the main things to ask about when hiring a pest control company is what their follow-up policy looks like, and if they offer any type of guarantee to come back if the pests return. 

Always try and get any kind of contract for long-term services, follow-ups, or guarantees in writing, as this will help you gain peace of mind and ensure services if they are needed. Making sure your pest control company offers this means that you won’t have to worry after the work is done.

Tip #2: Knowledgeability and Thoroughness

When the pest control expert comes to your house, always observe them and listen to them closely. Do they listen to you and check out the areas you say to? Do they have experience with this type of pest, in this location, or do they seem unfamiliar with the specifics of the job?

Good tips here are to ask if they have had any luck dealing with the same pest in other houses nearby or to describe the pest and see if they can tell what you are talking about. Their inspection should be thorough, and they should check your house carefully. 

Tip #3: Licenses, Insurance, and Bonding

Pest control companies must have certain licenses to operate no matter what jurisdiction you are in. It’s always a smart idea to ask about their certifications, licenses to operate, and insurance to cover anything that goes wrong. 

Typically, pest control companies must have the following certified professionals:

  • General
  • Fumigation
  • Termite
  • Yard or outside

These may vary from location to location, but always make sure the company you choose is operating legally and above board before hiring them.

Tip #4: Safety procedures

Especially for those with children, pets, or the elderly living in the house, the types of chemicals and procedures used can be a common concern. Modern pest companies certainly have ways to attack infestations safely, but it’s still always worth asking about. A good rule of thumb is to ask for Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) or other labeling for any chemicals being used and to make sure that any traps or bait stations used are safe for pets and children to be around.

Tip #5: How long they have been in business, reviews, and testimonials

When you contact a pest control company, you want a company that has been in business for a long time and isn’t going anywhere. That’s because pest control can easily be a long-term procedure that you will need to come back to in order to keep recurring infestations at bay.

Always check out how long the company has been in business, its track record, and what its online reviews and testimonials look like. This will help you get a feel for them and make sure that you pick the right pest control company for you. 

Pest control isn’t fun, but it’s just a part of life. It’s not a personal failure if you have pests, and it doesn’t mean your house is dirty or unclean. The best course of action is to quickly contact pest control companies and follow these simple steps, and you can be assured that you will find a pest control company that is professional, effective and will make sure any future issues are dealt with quickly. 

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