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5 Pest Control Tips For Protecting Your Home During Winter Months


Since pests are at their peak during the summer months, homeowners sometimes forget that they need to remain vigilant in the winter as well. The cold temperatures cause pests like mice to seek shelter in warmer spots. Unfortunately, this could be your home. Below are five pest control tips to practice this winter to ensure that you do not have to share your home with unwelcome intruders.

Seal Every Possible Opening into Your Home

It might surprise you to learn that pests can enter your home through an opening that is much smaller than the size of their body. This means you need to search for all holes and cracks in your home’s exterior, no matter how tiny an opening appears to you. Using foam or caulking material is the best way to seal any cracks that you spot around window frames and doors. To prevent pests from getting in under a door, apply weatherstripping materials at least twice a year.

One thing homeowners often overlook is sealing up holes they made during home improvement. You may have small holes that pests could access behind your washing machine, clothes dryer, or dishwasher or have holes you forgot about from electrical or plumbing work.

Don’t Allow Debris to Collect in Your Yard

During the fall, you may have allowed piles to accumulate in your yard such as compost, plants, and wood piles. These tend to attract pests, especially as it gets closer to winter and the outdoor temperature drops. Before winter hits, be sure to rake and remove all leaves and trim any plants in your yard. It is especially important to ensure that you have no piles of debris within one to two feet of your house as pests can hide in the pile and then gain access to your home.

Keep All Doors Closed

Leaving a garage door, window, or door to your home open during the wintertime is only an open invitation for pests. That is because the warm air that escapes when you open a door or window attracts pests towards your home instead of away from it. If you feel like you need to have a window open, make sure that it has a properly fitting screen first.

Put a Screen Over All Vents

You need to keep some holes open in your home, including the dryer vent, attic ventilation screen, and the vent for your range hood. Putting a screen over these vented areas will help to protect your home from damage caused by pests. Be certain to check the screens for holes regularly since this means that a pest has torn or bitten through a screen.

Arrange for Professional Pest Control Services

When it comes to pest control, a proactive approach is always better than a reactive one. The advantage of hiring a pest control expert is that he or she understands the steps necessary to eliminate the pest, its nests, and offspring from your home entirely.

You may purchase a product that claims to eliminate pests but that is usually only what you can see. There is also the possibility that you could use the product incorrectly and make yourself or others ill while still not getting rid of the pests in your home. You just can’t take chances with your home and health and you won’t have to when you hire a pest control company for preventive services.

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