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5 Best Camouflaged Insects

Insects, Pest Control

Whether you are someone who gingerly removes a spider from your home and carries it outside, or you are more of the “scream and panic” type, chances are you don’t particularly like insects, spiders and other creepy crawlies. No matter what, there is one thing worse than a bug. That is a bug that you cannot see! We’ve listed a few of the commonly-found camouflaged insects in Southern California. Just remember, not all of these insects are “bad,” and in fact may provide environmental benefits.

  • Walking Sticks – Probably the best-known Southern California camouflaged insect is the “walking stick.” While the walking stick comprised of several different types of creature, there is one thing for sure–they all look just like you think they would. Walking sticks are a significant pest and can wreak havoc on crops, so keeping feral populations under control is always a concern. Farmers, in particular, have to look at pest prevention measures to protect crops.
  • Green Lacewing – The green lacewing is one of the most beautiful insects on this list–if you can spot them. The lacy wings make the creature look more like a leaf or lawn debris from a distance. The lacewing eats many smaller insects (such as aphids,) making them a boon for gardeners–rather than just a pest.
  • Katydid – The Katydid (of which there are several types) is more often heard than seen. These insects look suspiciously like a bright green leaf, so you may not notice one in your garden. However, you’ll hear them! The Katydid has a loud, shrill warning call that may have you hoping they’ll find somewhere else to call home. While these insects have wings that give them the leaf-like appearance, they more often walk or glide than fly.
  • Beetles – The last two listings are broad categories of insects. Beetles constitute 40% of all insects, and there are over 70,000 individual species. Quite a few different beetle types (including the carpet beetle) found in Southern California have coloring that can make them difficult to spot. Their camouflage makes them less likely to be spotted by “wild” predators and also keeps you from noticing their presence in or around your home too. Some beetles can be especially damaging to homes, yards and crops so a beetle problem is always a good reason to call a pest control specialist.
  • Moths – Another broad type of insect that comes in camouflaged varieties is the moth. Worldwide, there are moths in nearly every color combination imaginable. Here in Southern California, many of our common types of moth blend in easily with foliage, which can help them survive in the wild.

When you spend time looking around your yard, garden, and even your home, chances are you’ll find more pests than you realized–especially when you learn to look past the insect camouflage. Don’t let pests go unchecked–let us help! American Rat Control offers a variety of pets control services for residents and business owners in and around Los Angeles. Contact us today for more information about what we can do for you.

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