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American Rat Control, Inc.® is a fully California licensed & insured pest control company that specializes in rodent removal from your home or business and we guarantee our work!

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Rat Exterminator Los Angeles

Easy 4 Step Process

Seal Up Holes, Then… Quickly Trap & Remove All Rats
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#1 Contact Us

Call us today and we will quickly dispatch a licensed inspector to give you a free no obligation estimate.

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#2 Free Inspection

We will call or text you 30 minutes before arrival and conduct a through inspection when we arrive.

American Rat Control technician doing a rodent exclusion and a rat proofing

#3 Start Work

With your approval, we will complete all structural repairs in one day in most cases and set rat traps.

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#4 Follow-Up

We will follow-up with you to return and service rodent traps.  Normaly takes 2 or 3 –  fifteen minute visits to complete.

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Rodent Control

Rat Proof Your Home & Business

Rats in Walls

One of the initial indicators that prompts people to consider the possibility of having a rat or mouse inside their home is the faint pitter-patter heard running in the attic or along the walls in the kitchen or bathroom.

When you contact us to schedule a visit for a thorough assessment to determine the presence of rats or mice in your home, we offer a complimentary inspection.

As part of this inspection, we examine the attic space to identify any signs of rodent activity.

Rodent Exclusion

Rodent Exclusion or Rodent Proofing involves the meticulous sealing of all exterior access points, holes, vents, and gaps that rats and mice utilize to infiltrate your attic or sub-area crawl spaces.

Employing construction-grade materials and contemporary techniques, we ensure the thorough closure of each access point, effectively preventing any future entry by rats and mice.

Our focus extends to the aesthetics of each repair, ensuring that the mended openings appear seamless and visually appealing.

Rat Removal

Following the inspection and the completion of our rodent proofing/rodent exclusion procedures, we will strategically position rat traps in crucial areas within both the attic space and sub-area.

Once the openings have been securely sealed, rats will no longer be able to enter or exit. Consequently, capturing any rats that may be trapped inside becomes a pivotal step in the comprehensive rodent control process.

We will schedule subsequent visits to maintain and service the rat traps until we are confident that all rodents have been effectively eradicated.

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Rat Control Outside

Effective Rodent Control in Your Back Yard

Rat Control Outside, rodent removal services

California State Approved Materials

California has banned most rodenticies.
While California has prohibited most rodenticides, specific approved baits are permitted for exterior rat and mice control around structures. We exclusively use state-approved baits endorsed for use by licensed rodent exterminators.

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Rat Technician Servicing a Rodent Bait Station

Steel Tamper Resistant Bait Stations

We secure the bait stations to the top of the fence on your side of the property, the purpose of the bait stations is to prevent people, pets and non-target animals from coming in contact with the contents.  We try to hide the bait stations from view.

pest control around the house and foundation

All-Natural Rodent Repellents

After servicing the rodent bait stations, we apply an all-natural rodent repellent around the foundation of your home to chase rats & mice away from the structure.

Rat Exterminators vs. Pest Exterminators:
Unveiling Specializations and Benefits

In the realm of pest management, two distinct categories emerge – rat exterminators and pest exterminators. While both share a common goal of eliminating unwanted creatures from homes and businesses, they focus on different niches within the broader field of pest control.

Rat Exterminators:

Specializing in rodent control, rat exterminators are experts in tackling rat infestations specifically. They possess an in-depth understanding of rat behavior, biology, and nesting habits. Their training equips them to effectively address rat-related issues, employing strategies such as targeted trapping, sealing entry points, and employing rodenticides when necessary. Rat exterminators are attuned to the dangers posed by rats, including structural damage and health risks due to their potential to transmit diseases. By employing their specialized knowledge, rat exterminators ensure the swift and comprehensive removal of rats from affected premises.

Pest Exterminators:

Pest exterminators, on the other hand, offer a broader spectrum of services encompassing a variety of pests beyond just rats. Their expertise covers insects, arachnids, small mammals, and other nuisance creatures. While they might also be well-versed in rat control, their proficiency extends to handling various infestations such as cockroaches, ants, bedbugs, and termites. Pest exterminators employ a range of methods, including chemical treatments, baiting, and preventive measures, tailored to the specific pest at hand.

Benefits of Each:

The distinction between rat exterminators and pest exterminators brings forth benefits aligned with their specialized focuses. Rat exterminators bring unparalleled precision to rat control, ensuring the complete eradication of rat populations from properties, thereby mitigating the risk of property damage and health hazards. Their nuanced approach minimizes the chances of re-infestation.

Conversely, pest exterminators offer comprehensive solutions for diverse pest challenges, making them a one-stop solution for multiple infestations. This versatility proves valuable for property owners dealing with a medley of pests, saving time and effort while addressing various concerns.

In conclusion, the differences between rat exterminators and pest exterminators are underscored by their distinct areas of specialization and the range of pests they handle. Choosing the right professional depends on the specific pest issue at hand. Whether seeking specialized rat control or a broader pest management strategy, consulting experts in the respective fields ensures effective and tailored solutions to maintain pest-free environments.


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rodent chart showing the three species of rats in Los Angeles
Ants in relation to insect pest control
American cockroach for pest control services
pest control for spiders in los angeles

What Our Customers Are Saying!

First time ever requesting service for minor rat problem.  Price was better than competitors and the service was excellent.  They Spent most of a day sealing off possible openings in our subfloor, attic and roof.  Back the next week to check traps.  Courteous personnel – good communication.

Diana W.

Valley Village, Los Angeles, CA

I actually had a good experience with them in a really bad situation. Louis was so kind and quickly responded from the onset. Every guy who’s come to help control the situation (takes a few visits), has been so nice and patient with me. I panicked since i’d never had a rodent issue in my life. The building property management is careless and not helpful, so i’m really glad i called this place myself.

Lizette C.

Los Angeles, CA

I couldn’t be more satisfied with my experience and the results working with ARC. Louis (the owner) and his team are exceptional. Incredibly responsive, very thorough, and overall very professional. Oh, and very reasonably priced.  I had originally hired one of the bigger exterminator companies and they were horrible. They basically set two traps in the house and that was it. The rat took the bait the first night and got away. They didn’t follow up and that was the end of it. Beyond frustrating. I know there’s a comfort in hiring one of the larger companies, but bigger isn’t often better. I don’t usually write Yelp reviews but in this case, Louis was so awesome, I felt he and his company needed to be acknowledged for their outstanding work. 5 STARS+

Michael K.

Los Angeles, CA

I made an emergency call to American Rat Control this morning to remove a rat from my tenant’s outdoor home pre-school.  Fortunately Louis, the American Rat Control company owner, called back quickly and happened to be in the area. Without an appointment he immediately came over and quickly removed the rat so it wouldn’t affect the kids.  I’m so thankful to him for being so gracious and altering his schedule for me.  If you want to work with a professional who gives you good solid honest service, I highly recommend him.  He’s now my guy for an rodent removal I need.

Mark B.

Culver City, CA

First, Peter gave me a very thorough bid.  The job seemed pricey, Peter dropped the bid a little, and I decided to hire this company to make my house inaccessible to rodents.  Then Jose did all the actual work, and couldn’t have done a more competent job.  He is very professional and incredibly helpful and easy to work with.  So kudos to these two men, and to the company.  I have a 5 year guarantee and hope I don’t have to call them back, but if I do, I have full confidence any issues will be well handled.
In fact, after I have my heating and air company out to be sure all the ducts below my house are completely intact, which will necessitate the door being off for a while, Jose will come back to set and check new traps just in case.

Ellen B.

Long Beach, CA

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American Rat Control, Inc.®  is a fully licensed, bonded and insured pest control company servicing Los Angeles County