Rats Are Living and Hiding in Your Attic

Most of the time, effective pest control involves the home you’re already living in. But if you and your family are looking for a new place to hang your hat, one of the most important aspects of your home-buying process should be a thorough and professional pest control review. Making sure there are no pests in your new home is the first step to ensuring you’ll enjoy living there for years to come.

An Ounce of Prevention

Chances are, both you and the seller of the home will arrange for home inspections. This is a crucial step, and helps protect you from hidden damage due to water leaks, fires, or poor craftsmanship. But it’s also the right time to keep a sharp eye out for signs of pest infestation.

Signs of Existing Infestation

Rodents and roaches can cause serious damage and create a dangerously unhealthy environment for humans. We already know roach waste can aggravate respiratory issues, and rats and mice carry with them the potential for not only property damage, but a host of health risks.

So when you’re doing a walkthrough of a home you’re considering purchasing, keep an eye out for these warning signs of pest infestation. Pests (living or dead) OK, this one is definitely a no-brainer. If you spot a mouse, rat, or roach, chances are plenty more are lurking out of sight. If you spot a number of dead insects in an otherwise clean and tidy home, ask about the pest control measures the owners have already used. It’s possible further treatments may be required to finish driving out persistent pests.

Dead Cockroaches Found in New Home

Droppings and other waste Tiny black pellets in the kitchen, attic, basement, or pantry can indicate a rodent infestation. Roaches leave behind droppings that resemble coffee grounds, and their shed skins and egg casings are unmistakable signs the home has a roach problem.

Property damage Chewed wires, gnawed wood, and piles of shredded paper or other materials can be a strong indicator of infestation. When you check out the attic and basement (or other “behind the scenes” areas), be sure to check for damage to the home’s insulation, wiring, and HVAC system, as these are commonly stained and damaged by invading insects and rodents.

The not-so-sweet smell of infestation Both rodents and roaches have distinctive scent signatures that can let you know the home you’re considering might have a pest problem. The stench of ammonia and musk are definite warning signs of rodents, and can be an even bigger issue than the infestation itself. Roaches smell musty and often thrive where it’s dark and damp, so you might want to check for existing water damage and/or leaks as well if you detect signs of a roach problem in the home.

Grossed Out By Pest Smell in New Home

Scratching and other strange sounds Scratching in the walls, mysterious scuttling sounds, and other out-of-the-ordinary sounds coming from corners, vents, or ceilings can mean rodents are on the move.

Call on the Experts

Buying a new home can be one of the most exciting, and rewarding, experiences in a person’s life. And to make sure it’s a decision you’ll relish, rather than regret, take the time to arrange for a full property inspection from a trusted, experienced pest control professional before and during the buying process.

Your friends at American Rat Control are always standing by to offer their assistance and help you identify problem areas, create and implement a treatment plan, and even set up ongoing maintenance to ensure your home is pest free on day one—and stays that way. Get in touch, and see how we can help you ensure your new home is free from unwanted roommates today, tomorrow, and in the future.